NJ Marathon Training Week 18: Race Week

I seriously can’t believe that the marathon (and April) is/are already over! April was seriously a whirlwind and Sunday was amazing. I can’t wait to share it with you all tomorrow (I need to decide if I’m buying my pictures!). I was worried that my taper wasn’t “restful” enough, but I think that it ended up being just right.

ndnj marathon trainingwk 17 (1)

Monday: #restday

Tuesday: Girls on the Run –  1.17 (ish) miles. We ended up doing the workout indoors and my watch was on treadmill mode. It was about 6/8 walking and 2/8 running. But it worked for taper.

Wednesday: 3.1 miles easy around the neighborhood.

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 9.40.42 PM

Thursday: Girls on the run – 1.28 miles. It was HOT but one thing is for sure, I love running with those girls/students!

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 2 miles easy. It wasn’t as “easy” as it should have been, seeing it was almost 70 degrees and 99% humidity! I’m NOT ready for Summer running yet. Bring back Spring!

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 9.41.00 PM

Sunday: 26.49 miles. I’ll share more tomorrow, but it was as wonderful as 26.2 (+some) could be.18157622_10155281422646983_5880693262203025622_n

Week 18 total: 34.04 miles

On Monday morning I was crazy and along with entering the 2018 London Marathon lottery, I was looking up fall marathons. I also said on Monday that I wanted to run, although I couldn’t sit on the the toilet without hanging on to the walls/door knob, bathtub, etc. I’m still so on a high.


New Jersey Marathon Training: Week 12

Week 12 is officially over, and was one of my best weeks of training yet in terms of quality miles. After yesterday’s long run, I have just 3 weeks of full on “training” left, then it’s taper time! ndnj marathon trainingwk 12

Monday: Rest – I felt suprisingly fresh after the weekend of racing, but spent some extra time rolling and using my Roll 8 Recovery, before indulging in snow day activities.

Tuesday: SNOW DAY. Nothing was done besides laying in bed and shoveling out my car. I figured an extra rest day wouldn’t hurt my legs.

Wednesday: 5 miles on the treadmill. The sidewalks were still covered in ice and snow. This was a great, controlled run with HR below 155 until the last half mile.


Thursday: 5.5 miles before trivia. I was pleasantly surprised that the lake path was cleared off! I was planning for 6 but ran out of time. Felt cold from the wind, but good.


Friday: 3.1 miles for the Baltimore Road Runner’s Club St. Patrick’s Day 5k! (That’s a mouthful). I’m not doing a recap but in short: I went to have fun, started out at a good speed. I passed a crapton of people in the second half  (and was only passed by 1 that I didn’t pass back) and finished with a very good time for myself: 27:53 (9:16, 9:20 (lost 10-15 seconds tying my shoe, 8:38)

After warming up and beers/wings at the post-race party!

Saturday: Rest day

Sunday: 18 miles – I had to go to a new place to run, as my normal trail is in bad shape from the recent snow/ice. I didn’t like the BWI airport trail very much, but it was a safe place to run and the rolling hills on a long run were a welcome change. It was boring and a mental challenge, but it was a strong run overall.


Week 12 total: 31.5 miles — I was aiming for a couple more, but I ain’t mad with a 30+ mile week. My quad is finally feeling about 90% and I’m starting to clean up my diet with the big race being only 6 weeks out from now! I’m trying to find a creative way/place to get in my 20 next week if my trail is ready…I’m NOT going back to the airport loop!

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Were any of your runs affected by Stella?