New Jersey Marathon Training: Week 15

After 20 miles on Sunday morning, I am now in the taper zone! I don’t remember feeling this excited during my last training cycle. However, these next three weeks are stacked. I’m behind on paperwork at work (LOL I’m always behind on paperwork), my mom is visiting, and I need to apply for (summer/new) jobs. So, the taper is hitting at a great time and our trip to the Jersey Shore will be a nice little reward for getting through it all.

ndnj marathon trainingwk 15

My “peak” week wasn’t perfect, with an unplanned rest day due to some elevated anxiety. All in all, it was decent.

Monday: Rest dayyyy

Tuesday: 4.5 miles super easy/easy in the morning, 1.5 miles at Girls on the Run.

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 9.26.02 PM.png
One day. Two skirts. Love.

Wednesday: Impromptu rest day spent researching trips for the day after school ends….

Thursday: 7 miles of a speed workout. 1 mi wu (60:30), 5 mi of intervals – 2 x 9:00 mi/range, 1 x 8:00 mi/range, 1 easy (90:30), then 1 mi cd (90:30).

Friday: Rest day. Jake and I walked about 3 miles at night to check out Light City!


Saturday: 7 miles running – .7 miles to the race and 6.3 for the Sole of the City 10K. There may not be a race recap for this one so here it is – ran 5ish miles slow and was out of my mind bored, sped up and ran my last mile in 8:00 and passed at least 150 people. #seeyabye (yes I tried to count). Fun course, though! Ended up walking another 3ish miles that morning.

Congrats to Beth on her PR (on a long course)! Also love seeing AK and UT!

Sunday: 20 miles. Not my greatest 20 miler, which sucked because I looked forward to it all week. I struggled with quickly rising heat (40 degree difference from start to finish), and a lot of self doubt. I fought a headache the entire way and spent the last 5 miles telling myself I wasn’t going to pass out. Nevertheless, I got it done.

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 9.26.18 PM

Weekly miles: 40.2

Training miles so far: 386.28. While training isn’t completely bummed yet, I’m already self-conscious about my mileage this time around is so much lower than for Marine Corps, and I’ve seriously slacked with NP this winter as well. While fast race times and long run paces make me feel confidence that I am in shape enough to succeed come race day, I hope my body will perform at its best.

Now it’s time to peel back a bit and take care of my body (and mind) as race day approaches!

What’s your next race? Any taper tips? This is only my second “real” taper.

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March 2017 + NJ Marathon Training week 14

Happy April, everyone! I’m so happy that spring has sprung! The flowers are blooming and I’m finally starting to feel more like myself again. I haven’t done this in a while, but let’s look back at the last month of running, because it was a good one!

March 2017

Highlights: A new 5K PR, growing confidence

Low-lights: An 18-miler turned 6

Races: Rock N Roll DC, Shamrock 5K,  Baltimore Road Runner’s Club St. Patrick’s Day 5k

Miles run: 125.1

This past week was a bit of a step back week. I had a half marathon scheduled as a long run, and did a couple of shorter runs. All in all it was a great week and I’m ready to head into my “peak week” of training for the New Jersey Marathon!

ndnj marathon trainingwk 14

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: 4.75 miles total – 1 at Girls on the Run, 3.75 Easy-Moderate effort at home. My left foot and ankle were bothering me a bit, but I survived. Also bodyweight exercises while watching tv.

Wednesday: 5.95 miles, half on my own, half with Jake. I ran without scheduled intervals and felt good until when I tripped and fell!

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 8.46.30 PM

Thursday: 3 miles super easy to recover from the last couple days of harder (for me) runs. I contemplated a rest day, but I really wanted to reach 125 for the month!

Friday: Rest day!

Saturday: 13.1 miles at the Oldfield’s Half Marathon – recap coming up soon!

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 8.46.49 PM

Sunday: 13.5 mile bike ride to give my legs some needed downtime after that half

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 8.47.10 PM

Running miles: 26.8 miles

Ready for one last big week before it’s TAPER TIME! Less than 4 weeks to go – the countdown is on!


New Jersey Marathon Training: Week 12

Week 12 is officially over, and was one of my best weeks of training yet in terms of quality miles. After yesterday’s long run, I have just 3 weeks of full on “training” left, then it’s taper time! ndnj marathon trainingwk 12

Monday: Rest – I felt suprisingly fresh after the weekend of racing, but spent some extra time rolling and using my Roll 8 Recovery, before indulging in snow day activities.

Tuesday: SNOW DAY. Nothing was done besides laying in bed and shoveling out my car. I figured an extra rest day wouldn’t hurt my legs.

Wednesday: 5 miles on the treadmill. The sidewalks were still covered in ice and snow. This was a great, controlled run with HR below 155 until the last half mile.


Thursday: 5.5 miles before trivia. I was pleasantly surprised that the lake path was cleared off! I was planning for 6 but ran out of time. Felt cold from the wind, but good.


Friday: 3.1 miles for the Baltimore Road Runner’s Club St. Patrick’s Day 5k! (That’s a mouthful). I’m not doing a recap but in short: I went to have fun, started out at a good speed. I passed a crapton of people in the second half  (and was only passed by 1 that I didn’t pass back) and finished with a very good time for myself: 27:53 (9:16, 9:20 (lost 10-15 seconds tying my shoe, 8:38)

After warming up and beers/wings at the post-race party!

Saturday: Rest day

Sunday: 18 miles – I had to go to a new place to run, as my normal trail is in bad shape from the recent snow/ice. I didn’t like the BWI airport trail very much, but it was a safe place to run and the rolling hills on a long run were a welcome change. It was boring and a mental challenge, but it was a strong run overall.


Week 12 total: 31.5 miles — I was aiming for a couple more, but I ain’t mad with a 30+ mile week. My quad is finally feeling about 90% and I’m starting to clean up my diet with the big race being only 6 weeks out from now! I’m trying to find a creative way/place to get in my 20 next week if my trail is ready…I’m NOT going back to the airport loop!

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Were any of your runs affected by Stella? 


New Jersey Marathon Training: Weeks 10 + 11

I can’t believe I’m already just 7 weeks away from marathon #2! This weekend I’ll run 18, which will be my longest run of this cycle so far. Seriously – just 4 more weeks of work then it’s taper time! Let’s recap one great week and one….not so great week.

ndnj marathon trainingwk 1011Week 10 (2/27-3/5) – This week did NOT go as planned.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Unplanned rest – It was storming out and the treadmills at my gym were full. I went home to eat dinner before running, and my stomach rejected dinner. I knew it would be dumb to run after being sick for an hour.

Wednesday: 5 miles with speed work. 1 mi WU, 1.5 miles of 1 interval hard/ 1 interval easy, 1.5 miles of 2 hard/1 easy, 1 mi CD. It was a beautiful morning, so being sick the night before worked out.

Thursday: I planned to run before Trivia, but didn’t bring warm enough clothes for the 30 mph winds. I went to a bike store and test rode a bike instead…

Friday: 5.1 miles easy – starting to like morning runs again. But boy, was it cold!

Saturday: 3 miles super easy-easy.

Sunday: 18 miles –> 6 miles. I was stressed, freezing, tired, and not into it. I made it 3 miles and had a second wave of high anxiety and turned around. My first true “given up” long run in well over 2 years.

Week 10 total: 19.1 miles <– OOPS.

Week 11 (3/6 to 3/12):

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 5.06 mi with Jake. It was a smorgesboard of miles, with no plan at all.

Wednesday: 8 miles on my new bicycle! I didn’t want to put too many miles on my legs after last week’s failures and before this weekend’s races. I had a perfect opportunity to use my bike and loved it.


Thursday: 6 miles before Trivia. I had a hard time keeping my HR down and ran the last loop of the lake (about 1.6 miles) with alternating fast intervals.

Friday: Rest – walking around the Rock N Roll DC expo!

Saturday: 2 mi WU + 13.3 miles for the Rock n Roll DC half marathon.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 8.42.30 PM

Sunday: 1 mi WU + 3.13 miles for the Shamrock 5K (recap coming tomorrow)!

Week 11 miles: 30.49 <– MUCH better

There aren’t many pictures for these weeks – sorry about that. I was honestly feeling a bit “burnt out” with running until this past weekend. Now I’m back in a better mindset and am ready to hammer out a few more weeks of serious training before taper time arrives!



NJ Marathon Training: Weeks 6 + 7

Two more weeks of marathon training have passed, and unfortunately they weren’t the best. Especially this last week. I’ve been overrun with stress and anxiety to the point where I was shutting down in every other aspect of life. In terms of running, it’s left me un-motivated and frustrated. A low-key, relaxing weekend helped me snap out of it a bit, and I’m hoping to further come back with a good week for Week 8!


Week 6 (January 30-February 5):

Tuesday: 4 miles on the treadmill. I set out for 5-6, but my right quad started feeling odd, and I stopped to have extra time to stretch and roll after.

Wednesday: Not enough time to run before SKEE BALLL. We went 2-0 for the night.

Thursday: 6 miles on the treadmill. I was “so stressed” that I didn’t go to trivia in order to do work. In all actuality, I didn’t do any work and should have just gone out with  my friends. Oh well. My leg was still feeling a bit weird.

Friday: Whatever exercise is involved in lifting beer(s) to my mouth, I did that.


Saturday: 4 miles that should have been rough, but actually felt great.

Nothing burns off a couple too many like a cold run.

Sunday: 12.76 miles on the trailsA trail half marathon (that was short). I’ll have a recap up within the next day or so, but it was quite the experience! (Followed by Super Bowl festivities, and sleeping through the second half)

Week 6 total: 26.76 (Sadly my highest so far this cycle)

Week 7 (January 30-February 5): 

(Sunday night and) Monday: Sore. So, so sore. Also came down with very odd shoulder pain.

Tuesday: 3.75 miles. Tuesday at work was pretty rough. Honestly, I can’t remember now what was so bad about it, but I was so anxious. I needed a run – so I went without any intervals or set heart rates. Honestly it wasn’t as freeing as I needed it to be, but it still felt good emotionally.

Wednesday: I didn’t go to November Project due to weird shoulder pain that developed Sunday night. My right quad was really starting to feel funny, so out of caution I took a total day off. #noregrets

Thursday: Had a “snow day” (SO NEEDED), and went to run before trivia….except the wind was blowing at 30 mph and I didn’t bring warm enough clothes with me. WOMP.

Saturday: 3.75 miles. It was supposed to be “super easy”, but on the hills around my house that is easier said than done. I felt very stiff and off, but it felt good to be out in a SKIRT!

Sunday: 15 miles. This run started out badly, and rightfully so. But around mile 8 things started to turn around, and by mile 10 I was in the zone. Long runs are hard in terms of time spent, but they are why I love marathon training.


Week 7 total: 22 miles. OOPS. 

You won’t be surprised to hear me say I’m disappointed in where I am so far in this training cycle. While my long runs have gone well, I’m not hitting the mileage I hope to run. That’s probably why I was legitimately sore after my 15 miler.

Thankfully, I still have about half of my training to go, and it’s not too late to turn it around. I know I want to run 5 days a week, but with work, Jake, and friends, it’s just not happening! I’m going to try to focus on 4 days a week, with as high of mileage as is reasonably possible (I need to get up to 30 mi/week for my sanity), while truly getting in some strength work – whether it’s at November Project or glute exercises in my room.

#rantover. Ready to start anew this week!

What are your tricks for getting over a funk in training?

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NJ Marathon Training: Week 5

Just like that, the first month of training for my second marathon is complete. I can probably rank this as the top week, this far, running wise.


Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 5 miles on the treadmill, and I didn’t hate it. Did a progressive workout, running faster throughout each 60:30 interval of a mile. Mile 1 started at 5.2 and ended at 5.8, mile 5 started at 5.9 and ended at 6.6. I was pretty dead after.

Wednesday: NP headed to M+T Bank stadium for the week! 1 mile beforehand + 40ish minutes of straight stairs (with some planks interspersed). It was so hard – I was good for the first half but really struggled the second half and started getting some knee pain.


Thursday: 5.5 miles, easy. This run felt great, mentally, after a long few days at work. My knee hurt slightly from the day before, but not too badly. The run ended at trivia night with my friends, where we came in second!

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 4 miles super easy – easy with my roommate. My HR ran pretty high for the pace, not sure why. I finished feeling good, but slightly tired.

Thanks for the picture, roomie!

Sunday: 9 miles – w/ 6 miles tempo. This was supposed to be 10, but I cut it short. I intended to run 6 miles at MGP, but they ended up being 1:00/mi FASTER than MGP. I can’t be mad at that, except for I know I can’t keep that pace for a marathon. I was completely wiped by mile 9 when I got back to my car, and bailed on the last mile.

Weekly total: 26.5 miles

Despite not finishing my long run, I was pretty happy with this week. I’m still feeling under the weather and was busy/stressed with work, and managed to get 5 pretty good runs in. This week will have 3 easier runs, before a trail half marathon on Sunday!

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NJ Marathon Training: Week 4!

When I wrote last week’s post, I was so excited for the next week and was hoping to write a post about how awesome week 4 was…well I was wrong.

Because, you see…I got sick January 1st, and I’ve been fighting the sick/not-sick train ever sense. And last week at work = terrible. I still ran, but I did what I had to in order to stay above water and also to try to get better.


Monday: Nothin, total nothing.

Tuesday: 4 easy, steady state miles on the treadmill. They felt harder than they should have, probably because it was approximately 150 degrees in the gym! (Planned for 5, but had to get back for BibChat!)


Wednesday: 5.4 miles – intervals with/on hills. I loved this hard run and I finished running up a big hill near my house that I always run down. It felt so good to crest it!

Thursday-Friday: Nothing. Thursday was beautiful but I had work commitments after work and got there super early.

Saturday: 15 miles around Baltimore. I was struggling with some reflux/heartburn from Friday night and an oncoming sinus infection, but I made it through! 5 miles super easy, 5 easy, and 5 moderate-hard. Finished almost 7:00 faster than my goal. #score.

I also somehow ice skated after running 15 miles…

Sunday: 4-5 miles were planned, but I was sick AF (sinus infection UGH) and layed low to give my body a break.

Total: 24.4 miles. Not what I wanted. I also didn’t want to spend the first 3 weeks of the new year sick and under so much stress at work. But, it is what it is. With a shorter long run this week, I’m hoping once again to get in 5 days, hopefully getting closer to 30 miles!

Good thing about the week — I earned a free LuLu shirt from completing a 40K challenge on Strava! I almost hit the 80K mark, but since I ran some runs on the treadmill, I was far from earning the shirt and shorts combo. (No biggie – I can’t run in their shorts anyway!)


Do you adjust running plans when you’re sick?