Marine Corps Marathon Training: 7/18-7/24/16

Another Monday means the beginning of another training week and it’s time to process the week that just ended. I’d say “this week was a big week for me”, but I have a feeling most weeks between now and October 30th are going to be big weeks.


Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 6.2 miles, easy effort on the hills around my house.

Wednesday: AM: November Project – 1.9 miles run (workout and run to my car), but mostly strength work

So happy! Today was a partner day and I ran with a friend that I made through NP and work!

PM: 2.9 miles “run date” at a monthly running group for a local animal shelter. We ran around Federal Hill and Baltimore’s Inner Harbor before ending at a happy hour. Let’s just say that there was another date after this, so it must have gone well 😉

Thursday: 2.75 miles at super easy effort on the treadmill. It was way too hot to go outside after work!

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 4.75 miles super easy effort. Lower temps in the morning helped this be my fastest “super easy effort” pace in the past month. I felt great and like I could go forever! I also ran in my new Hoka One One Clifton 3’s which I surprisingly loved! (#workperks)


Sunday: 14 miles!!! The first 4 miles were rough (I was coming down with a cold, no fun), but after that I felt much better. Around mile 10 the heat started to set in so that was challenging, but I was happy to bust it out feeling I could have gone at least 2 more miles.

Earned the last medal of the One HRC Marathon for the Hogwarts Running Club. 21K = 13.1 miles

Weekly total: 32.5 miles

MCM Training so far: 172.7 miles

In all honesty, this week really was a big week for me and I’m not afraid to shout it from the rooftops. It was my second 30+ mile week, I ran my longest run ever, and hit 100+ miles for the month <– this goal has been haunting me for a year. I ran a few less miles than planned thanks to the #rundate, but it was so worth it.

The week wasn’t all sunshine and daisies though – there were moments of struggling to get out of bed, failing to take care of my body, and sheer exhaustion. There were also feelings of progress and improvement, self-love, and even some connection to the greater world.

What were a high and low of your week?

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Marine Corps Marathon Training: 7/11 – 7/17/16

Week 2 of my MCM training plan is complete! As with the first week, this week brought new mileage territory for me. It was slightly less intimidating, but I still spent a fair amount of time wondering how I would make it through. The theme of this week was definitely hot and humid.


Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 6.15 miles at an easy effort on a hilly route around my house.



Wednesday: AM – 2.5 miles at November Project, 1.5 of those miles being stairs. I loved it and I was the sweatiest I’ve been in my entire life.

PM – 3 miles super easy effort on the treadmill. I didn’t miss the treadmill at all, but it is nice to have free access to one when it’s disgustingly hot out.


Thursday: 5 miles easy effort with 30ish second bursts. The run was alright until the last mile, when the heat rose. It felt like a death march back to my car!

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 4.5 miles super easy effort. This was horribly boring, as most of my super easy runs are. I ended up playing games based on my heart rate to keep me from just walking back to my car.

Sunday: 12 mile long run. This run was just what I needed. Started out slow and it was a perfect progression run. It was nice and cool when I started (the ice in my hydration pack helped) but by the time I finished it was 20 degrees hotter.



Weekly mileage: 32.9

MCM Training total (including “base” weeks): 140.2 miles!!

Reaching 30+ miles in a week has been a seemingly unreachable goal of mine for a very long time, so I’m happy that I made it through and am still excited about running after it! There have been days where I’ve struggled getting up and out the door, but I attribute it to being so busy in my social life that I’m just exhausted. This week brings another big goal of mine – hitting 100 miles for the month. So many big things are happening!

When’s the last time you reached a long-awaited running goal? The PRs don’t happen often for me, to these mileage goals are great lately.

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Marine Corps Marathon Training: 7/4 – 7/10/16

My second official “week 1” came to a close on Sunday! This was my first week with the plan that my coach made for me, which brought many changes. The truly hot/humid Maryland weather also made its first summer appearance this week. I was nervous about making it through this week at first, but I felt so good when I conquered my highest mileage week ever!


Monday: 4 miles at the Towson 4 on the 4th – Recap coming soon!


Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 2.25 miles super easy effort, 2 miles during November Project (and running back to my car). 4.25 miles total.

This 6:15 AM weather though…

Thursday: 5 miles easy effort w/ 30 second bursts. My legs felt heavy after Monday’s race and NP on Wednesday, but they felt better after the run was done.


Friday: Rest

Saturday: 4.5 miles at a super easy effort. The weather was rediculous for this one – 75* with 98% humidity when I started, 83* with the humidity when I finished. It was rough.

This heart rate training thing is working, but dang, it’s boring.

Sunday: 10 miles with Ben! While I know running at my pace kills him, I love running with him, especially knowing he’ll be at my side come Marathon day.


Week total: 27.75 miles

MCM Training total (including “base” weeks): 107.3 miles!! <– In just a little over a month. While not a “calendar” month, this is the most I’ve run in 30 days since high school!

While I was apprehensive about this week at first, it turned out pretty great. I dealt with some top of foot pain at the beginning of the week, but after wearing my Asics Gel-Kayanos on Sunday that dissipated. My coach has me running in “minutes” but I still associate everything with miles. I also started drinking half a pouch (about a “scoop”) of Gen U Can before my runs instead of eating a banana, and it helped a lot. I was able to sleep a little longer before getting up and wasn’t starving after my run! This definitely makes morning running a bit easier.

Did you race on/for the 4th?

What was your best run of the week?

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