Half Marathon Training: 2/8 – 2/14/16

After last week’s training recap, I was really hoping to come back this week with a better one. Spoiler alert: I’m not. This week really wasn’t great, which could have been for a multitude of reasons. With only three weeks left until my first half marathon of the year, I’m trying not to get too down on myself.


Monday: Yoga, 60:00. This was “heart opening” yoga this week, and there were many poses I’d never done before. It was mainly core and upper body stuff. Man, was I sore after!

Tuesday: 3 mi, 10:20 average. I ran in my new pair of Launch 2’s, and despite the fact that I forgot to put in my Superfeet insoles, they felt pretty good. My ITB felt better than it had over the weekend, which I was happy with. Foam rolled after.

Wednesday: Speed day, 4.75 mi total. 4 x 800 w/ 800 recovery, + wu/cd. My 800s were 4:25, 4:18, 4:25, 4:25, which I was happy with. They felt much easier than the last time I did them, but it probably helps that this workout was done indoors instead of in the cold + wind like the last time! I was aiming for 5 repeats, but it was getting pretty late and I had work stuff to do. Iced and foam rolled after.


Thursday: Rest day – I unfortunately didn’t even get in yoga. During Wednesday’s workout, I got some nagging pains in my right achilles and right quad (about 2/3 the way up the leg). I was freaked out with the quad pain, and decided to rest to see if it would calm down.

Friday: Skiing – the best cross training there is. My legs felt great, but it may have been because they were freakin’ frozen!

Saturday: 9.3 mi. I was determined to get my long run in even though it was -20 with the windchill outside. I decided to break up the run to break up the pounding from the treadmill. I had my Zooma Run Love Challenge 10K to run, as well as my Hogwarts Running Club Molly Weasley Ugly Jumper Run 5K, so I did each separately to do 15K for the day. I felt okay during the first run (10K), but the 5K was downright painful. Average pace for the two was about 10:35.


Sunday: Rest, epsom salt bath, foam rolled.

Total weekly miles: 17.05.

I was really bummed to miss out on my Thursday run – as that would have put me to 20+ miles for the week. In this point in my training I’d love to be hitting those miles. This week just wasn’t it for me. I was extremely stressed with some personal stuff, to the point where I lost my voice (not good for a speech pathologist) and had zero appetite, which without a doubt affected me. There were days I probably didn’t even drink 4 glasses of water or hit 700 calories. (Not cool Sam, not cool.)

Struggling to find the discipline in listening to my own body!

So where do I go this week, after two “bad” training weeks? It’s hard to say. I need to focus on my nutrition this week, but I also need to let my body heal. My ITBS flare-up isn’t getting any worse, but it’s also not getting better. The weird pain in my right quad doesn’t hurt so much when I run, but I’m surely being cautious that it doesn’t turn into anything than a muscle (hopefully) knot or ache.

While part of me hates to do it, I know I need to give my body a break with all that’s going on. If Tuesday comes and my quad is still hurting, it’s to the elliptical I will go. I need to focus on eating and drinking better again, because I haven’t been fueling my body well lately. While I know my fitness is great right now and I feel good with that three weeks from my race – I’m not sure my legs would make it through at this point in time. A few days on an elliptical won’t kill me in order to let my legs heal up a bit. I know my goals for this race, and it’s not a huge PR. I want to get through it with a course PR (sub 2:27) and be healthy for my other spring races.

In other news, I won a free entry to a half marathon in Baltimore in December through last night’s Run Chat! I’m really excited, because the race is really flat for a Baltimore race and it’s right near my birthday. Plus, it’s free! I’ll be rethinking the latter half of my fall race schedule to make the most of the opportunity.

Have any of you dealt with random pains just three weeks out from a race? Anyone else run the Zooma Run Love Challenge this weekend? 


Workouts 10/13 – 10/19/14

Hey everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great week. I know for me, it completely flew by! I was excited to try and get back into a fitness groove this week. It didn’t quite work out as planned due to some unexpected schedule changes, but I still feel good about it. My IT Band has felt great all week and KT Tape Pro has officially become my new best friend.

Here’s what I did this week:

Monday: Rest – drove back to NY, worked, end ended up going out with a new friend

Tuesday: 2.5 miles

Wednesday: Spinning + Weights

Thursday: I planned to get out running, but it didn’t end up happening after I went to Martini Night on Wednesday 😛

Friday: 3.3 miles on the treadmill. Ran two miles at a 9:10 pace, and one progression mile in between. My leg felt really good. Also did 2000m on the concept2 rower, and some weights.

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: I’m headed to the gym to do at least 3 miles, hopefully 4 if there’s not a wait for the machines! So so tired. But to get miles in, I’m going to run to and from spinning tomorrow. Woo!

All in all, I’m really happy with this week. I feel like I’m on the upswing of my injury. I do feel like I lost a decent amount of fitness in the past 6 weeks which is disappointing, but it could be worse. I’ve gotten better at welcoming the gym into my life, especially since I’m not (mentally) ready to run out in the cold yet.

I plan to keep my plan about the same this week, with my normal Monday spinning class added back in. I don’t want to bump my mileage up too quickly, though, so I’m going to try and focus on not needing to walk, while increasing my speed to where I know I can be for just a few miles.

How was your training this week?

What was your best workout? Friday! I felt so strong on the weights, and ran the most that I have in a month.