Baltimore Half Marathon 2017 – Looking Forward!

While it hasn’t been of huge importance around here until this week – the Baltimore Running Festival is this weekend! This will be my third year participating. It was a hard decision, with many other races happening in the area this weekend. However, the closer I get to race day, the more thankful I am that I signed up.

In 2015 I originally planned to run the full marathon, but got injured three months out. I ran the half marathon undertrained. I didn’t eat well the morning of and went out too fast, leading to a long ride on the struggle bus. I finished the half marathon as my 6th race at that distance with a time of 2:25:48. (I also ran for charity for the first time!)

In a few months I’ll be living on the other side of that building behind me. Convenient, much?

In 2016, I ran the half marathon just 2 weeks out from my first marathon (Marine Corps). It was my 10th half marathon, or so I believe. I ran with the goal to keep it easy and just “get in the miles” for the weekend. I ran harder than I should have, with the goal of getting a course PR. I finished in 2:25:11, a whole 37 seconds faster than the year before. The difference was a much more evenly split, and “better run” race.

2016 – Mile 9. I don’t remember this part in 2015, but let me tell you, I probably was NOT smiling at that point.

So what’s the deal for 2017??

Well, it’s not a goal race for me, for a few reasons. 1: This race is HARD. The hills are unrelenting for the first half of the race. They aren’t so steep, but long and gradual. It flattens out around mile 7, but I never feel like I’m going down until about mile 9.5. 2: I’m in the middle of Goofy training and I’m not going to hurt myself going hard on a difficult course.

So, I’m running the course mainly for fun, with a goal of getting in my 16 miles for the day and a B goal of setting a course PR. I’d be real happy if I could run a 2:20 (A goal) but I’m not counting on it.

I’m excited to be taking on the Balti-Moron-a-Thon challenge (5K + 13.1), which is in its second year. I was sad to say “no” to it last year, so it was meant to be this year. I’ll run the 5K nice and easy with one of my best friends. It’ll be our 4th 5K together and we have another next weekend!


Then after about an hour and a half of a break, I’ll take on the Half Marathon. (Sidenote: I’m thankful my boyfriend lives 5 minutes from the start/finish area so I can change in-between races!) My plan is to run 90:30 run/walk intervals until mile 7-8, then bump up to 120:30. It worked for me for the Charles Street 12, right? The thing is…I’m not tapered for this race and I’m running 6 miles the day before.

My plan is loose, and I’m going in with the mindset that I’ll lower my intervals if need be. I’d love to hit my goals, but it’s not worth a negative experience, or worse…the I word.

This year I feel more prepared than ever, which may be helping with my confidence and excitement. As I shared last week, I ran the course almost two weeks ago during my 15 miler. I took the hills in stride and didn’t die (by the hills, nor the “bad” areas of the city). I ran slow and easy with 60:30 intervals, during which I normally run about 30-45 seconds slower than my 90:30 on a given day

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 10.41.42 PM

I can’t wait to experience the city in the way that only happens each October. I love how the Baltimore Running Festival brings out the best of the city, in all of the diverse neighborhoods it runs through (which aren’t many of the “best” ones). No matter how fast or slow I run, Saturday will be a day to remember!

Are you running in the Baltimore Running Festival? What’s your favorite race?


Goofy Challenge Training: 10/2 – 10/8/2017

And just like that another week is gone. 13 weeks to go until the Goofy Challenge! I can’t say much more before mentioning how inspired I was while strolling through Instagram this weekend. This weekend was huge in the running world – there were big marathons in Chicago, St. George, Portland, and countless other races. Seeing an American once again win Chicago (was it clean? I sure hope so…) and Jordan Hasay have a huge showing was incredible, but so was every other performance out there. I’m so inspired and have some extra motivation for my training and the race I have in a few weeks!

BUT I’m not inspired enough to get to bed so I can rock my run in the morning…I still need to look at how many miles I need to run! I love spending my Sunday nights reflecting on my week of running.


Monday: Travel & Rest. Foam rolling was so needed after the weekend’s running and traveling!

Tuesday: 4 miles at Planet Fitness; I was way too tired to get up on Tuesday morning. I ran nice and easy with a hill with increasing steepness added in during each mile.

Wednesday: 6 miles. I didn’t necessarily to run near tempo/race pace due to a lot of hard efforts lately, but I purposefully skipped November Project so I could get some quality miles in. A faster run sort of happened anyway. I ran 90:30 intervals, had an average pace of 10:49 and my heart rate was low for that speed. I spent some time at the gym in the evening – a quick cardio warm-up and full body weights.

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 15 miles for my longest run since the NJ Marathon! I ran the entire Baltimore Half Marathon course. It helped with confidence going into the race, as the course is rough. It goes up and up and seemingly doesn’t go down at all until mile 10. The elevation gain isn’t horrible, but the hills are long and gradual, and simply just drain your legs! Either way – I was happy I did it but I will not do it alone, again. Some of those areas should only be seen while running with thousands of other people.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 10.41.42 PM

Saturday: 5 miles easy for my first successful double training weekend. Yup, I haven’t followed any weekend schedule to a T yet. OOPS. I got hit with a mighty cold on Friday night, but still had a great recovery run.

Weekly miles: 30 – first 30 mile week of this training cycle!

I’m glad this week was good, and also that it’s over! After some crazy weeks, I’m happy to be back on a routine again, especially with my running. This week is a “down” week, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’ll be making sure my mileage is close to 30 again – I just feel so good when I’m around that number. Just 13 weeks to go!

How was your week? Were you inspired by anything/anyone this weekend?

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Goofy Challenge Training Week 4 + September 2017 Recap

Happy October, everyone! I’m writing from the comfort of my blue couch at home (in NH) tonight. I should be at bed, because I’ll be up at 2:30 AM on Monday morning to head back to Maryland. It’s been a crazy, amazing couple of weeks, but I’m ready for a week with lots of sleep.

As I shared earlier in the week, things to finish off September got a little nuts, but I was able to stay mostly on track.


Week of 9/25 to 10/1/2017

Monday: Rest day — I only had time during my afternoon break to run. The treadmills at the gym were being replaced, and it was over 90 outside. So, no run.

Tuesday: Unplanned rest day, again. I woke up ready to run, but my left knee was feeling very odd and I didn’t want to risk injury.

Wednesday: FINALLY, a run. 3.4 miles at NP. During the 5:30 workout I tied my PR, then I stayed for a little bit of 6:30.

Thursday: My run ended up being split into two for various reasons. 3.2 miles in the morning, and 4 miles at the gym in the afternoon. The AM miles were nice and easy, and I ran faster during the PM miles. I was happy to have low heart rate averages for both!

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 8.34.41 PM

Friday: Rest and travel day!

Saturday: 10 miles in New Hampshire! I planned for 14, but exhausted me slept through all 6 alarms. The miles started out slow (and uphill) but I ended the run feeling strong and with a fast mile average for a long run. It was the best long run I’ve had at home since moving!

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 8.34.18 PM

Sunday: 3.92 miles at a local race (was supposed to be 4 miles). Finished in 39:50, which I will take for pushing my nephew in his stroller! I had so much fun pushing him and felt like a bad ass aunt. My last two miles were sub-10, and if it weren’t for mile 2 (all uphill) I would have been close to a 4 mile PR if the course was to length.


Weekly total: 24.5 miles

With Sunday came along October, one of my favorite months! I’m not particularly a Halloween person, but I love fall and October comes with many fun events (and races)! Now I am in the double digit countdown for heading to Disney for 39.3 miles.

September consisted of 2 races, the Charles St 12 Miler (PR/Course Record) and Ragnar DC. I’m proud of my performances at both, and they are reminders that training slow and staying healthy is working. I’ve had a share of tough runs lately, but they are worth it when I show up to a race and am proud of myself.


At the end of the month, I had logged 106.8 miles and averaged 26.7 miles a week. It’s not my highest, or my lowest. Considering how my new training plan is set up, I’m pretty content with how it went!

I started October with a no-pressure, fun race. On the schedule for this month is the Balti-Moron-a-Thon on the 21st, and the Towson Homecoming 5K on the 28th. I likely won’t “race” any of them, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t running for a course record for the Baltimore Half Marathon. I’ve ran this twice (2015, 2016) and improved by only seconds. I plan to run the course this weekend (+2 miles) to prep mentally because, man, those hills are rough!

Around mile 9 last year!

Personally, October will also be a big month. Jake and I start up our weekly skee-ball league again, we will share our first halloween together (last year I had MCM), Jake is moving into a new condo, and we have a number of social engagements. Most everything is we right now, and I love it.

My goals for this month are to follow my plan a little more closely (Ragnar especially threw me off) and to run at least 115 miles. I am slightly behind on my 1,200 miles goal (by about 14 miles) and would like to build up some wiggle room!

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Do you have anything fun coming up in October? How did your September turn out?

Ragnar Relay DC 2017: Race Recap

So, you don’t remember me talking up running Ragnar DC? Well, that’s because I didn’t…because I wasn’t planning on running it. I thought about it once my new job started and I began to have Fridays and Saturdays off. However, I had plans with Jake that weekend, and I am flying home this weekend… However, when I saw quite a few teams in need of a runner less than 48 hours before the event, I felt a calling, and I had to follow it.

I’ve struggled with how I want to write this recap, because a Ragnar is so multi-dimensional. There’s the physical aspect of the running, the mental aspect of running three times in two days, with one time in the middle of the night, and also the emotional aspect of being stuck in a van with 5 other people. I’ll start today with the more “running” aspects of the race, and later share the emotional aspects of the race.

What is a Ragnar Relay? Well, if you’re a runner and don’t know this, I’m afraid that you may be living under a rock. In short, it’s an adult relay race. A Ragnar (typically) consists of 12 runners, split into two vans. Each runner runs 3 legs, and all together, the race is about 200 miles, point to point.

9:30 Wednesday: I was talking to Andi, from team The Last in the Furious. It seemed like a perfect group for me – lots of newbies and no stress on pace. Jake let me out of our plans for Saturday (which I still feel guilty and selfish about, but he keeps telling me to stop freaking out), and I was IN. I was up until about 1:00 doing laundry and trying to get myself together. I had an idea that I would be runner 10, but wasn’t completely sure.

Thursday: After doing errands and finishing packing up, I was off to Northern Virginia to meet my team. I left around 2:30 to beat traffic, and arrived to packet pickup in Falls Church around 4:45. I found the Mad Fox Brewery to relax at and met my team later that evening. I was overwhelmed by their graciousness of my volunteering to run with them, while also trying to help them get ready for the Relay. We were all first timers.

Friday: I woke up Friday morning to hear that we were already behind schedule because our first runner got lost and ran a few extra miles. I tried not to stress out too much as we made our way to the first major exchange and met up with our team’s other van. Following our other runners on their legs was intimidating because they were seriously running up mountains. It was so hot and I was really nervous!

Van 2 at Exchange 6!

Leg 1 – Ragnar leg 10, 8.77 miles, rated HARD

I didn’t get to run until about 4:00. It was HOT and super sunny. I was thankful that my leg (leg 10) was the flattest of the course so far, and it was on a shady trail! I seriously lucked out with that. I planned not to go out too fast, but yet, I was stressed about us being approximately 2:30 behind pace at that point. I set out at 90:30 intervals, with plans to run about an 11:00/mi pace as to save myself for my other two legs.


Thankfully, my directions were simple – about half a mile through Hancock, MD, then onto the C&O Canal Trail. I felt great and was easily busting out 10:30ish miles. In that heat, I was suprirsed, but okay with it. Along the way, I got passed (killed) by about 5 runners, and also got 10 kills myself. Around mile 7, my knees started to bother me a little. You see, I was silly and wore new shoes…not completely new as they were my third pair of Hoka Clifton 3’s, but it was probably a bad idea…Around then, I also felt the wheels start to “fall off” due to feeling overheated. When my watch hit 8 miles, I had yet to see the infamous “one more mile” Ragnar sign and got a little worried. I had been in contact with my team, but wanted to make sure they would be ready for me at the exchange.

More like .5 miles to go…

Around 8.25 miles, I started seeing runners coming from the other direction and could tell that I was finally close. I pushed as hard as I could, although my pace didn’t increase all that much. The last bit was the only hill of the course, and I busted up the hill to hand off my slap bracelet/baton ANDDDD……MY TEAM WASN’T THERE. 


We eventually figured out that my team were at the wrong exchange, and about 10 minutes later, they were there and our next runner was off. Thank goodness, because I had bottomed out and was out of water. There was no exciting exchange, just me giving runner 11 the bracelet (in the middle of the road, whoops) and telling her to go. I was trying not to seem too pissed, but I was pretty furious. It took all I had to put myself together to cheer on the others as they finished their legs without a hitch.

Leg 1 stats: 8.8 miles, 1:32:20, 10:30/mi avg, 10 kills

Leg 2 – Ragnar leg 22, 6.0 miles, rated HARD

 Leg 2 was the leg I was most excited about – running at night! My van-mates were all nervous about their night runs and used the “buddy system” so they didn’t have to run alone. I was excited for this challenging part of the relay, and outright denied someone running with me. I felt slightly better mentally because I was somewhat familiar with the area that I was running through (Adamstown, MD), and the elevation chart was one again easy.

With “buddying up”, we were attempting to catch up on time. However, I still ended up starting about 20 minutes behind schedule. Although I had changed into my Hoka Arahi’s, I was still worried about my knees and started out slow, with 60:30 intervals. I was passed about 3 times by super speedy men in the first mile, then I was completely alone, aside from a few van sightings. There was no one to pass or to pass me. And it was SO dark. That was the hardest part – the darkness and then the fog. It was also a little chilly, but I’d rather have that than horrible heat.

Just before the 2 mile mark, I was feeling great and moved back up to 90:30 intervals. I felt strong and loved the fact that I couldn’t worry about the elevation around me. It was calming to just run, and only know there was a up/down hill by listening to my legs. I’d never felt so connected to running before! I only used my phone to notify my team when I was at miles 3 and 5, as I told them I didn’t need “support.” Around mile 5.5, someone finally came up to me, and we ran closely for a bit. I tried to catch him at the end, but wasn’t quite able to do it. And what happened when I finished? My team wasn’t ready for me….(Insert explatives here).

Leg 2 stats: 6.0 mi, 1:03:30, 10:35 mi/avg

Post leg 2 My legs felt good, but I otherwise felt completely exhausted. Before our van left for our second legs, I had only gotten about half an hour of sleep, and had been running off of Red Bull, gatorade/water, a plate of (not good) pasta, and random snacks. I finished at about 4:50am, and it was at about 8:00am before we got to an iHop (ew) and ordered food. I don’t do eggs, and I was a little dumb and got chicken and fries. My theory – it had lots of calories, carbs, protein, and fat. But seeing as it was iHop and it tasted like it was cooked the night before than microwaved…I didn’t feel to well after eating it. After breakfast, I tried and failed to get more sleep. By the time my third leg came around, I had probably gotten a total of about 2.5 hours.

Finally doing my second check

Leg 3 – Ragnar leg 34, 1.8 miles, rated EASY

By the time my third leg came around, we were just about back on schedule to finish at 7:30, which made me feel much more at ease. Because my leg was only 1.8 miles, I had the mentality to go as hard as I could and give my all. It was about 3:30 when the time came, and I was stoked!

I ran with 2:30 run and :30 walk intervals. I wanted to do a “straight” run, but with the heat above 90 degrees again, I was nervous to do that. There was a possibility that I would have to run some miles in the last leg, so I didn’t want to completely kill myself.

This leg, while “easy” ended up being the hardest for me. The course had a lot of turns, which made it hard to keep my speed even. There were a couple of good hills, and the last hill had two stop lights, which I got stuck at. This ruined my momentum and made it harder to keep people behind me. I really kicked it in and was finally able to hand off the slap bracelet to a team that was ready for me!! I felt so accomplished and really proud that I had finished faster than was predicted to gain some precious minutes for my team. (The Ragnar calculator predicted me to run about 21 minutes, so I gained a solid 4 minutes).

Leg 3 stats: 1.76 mi, 17:03, 9:40/mi avg, 2 kills

Total distance run: 16.56 miles

That’s about all for my running for Ragnar DC! I was thankful that I didn’t have to step in during the last leg, because it was frighteningly hot and I felt so bad for all of the people running out in the sun. Part of me is pretty surprised that it wasn’t “black flagged”, but I’m glad that we did get to finish, right at the predicted time. I’ll share more about the finish in my next post, because I wasn’t happy with that part of the Ragnar experience…

Have you ever run a Ragnar Relay? What was the hardest part, physically, for you?

Goofy Challenge Training Week 3: 9/19 – 9/24/2017

Another week of training has come and gone. If you follow me on the insta you may have seen that I unexpectedly ran the DC Ragnar Relay this weekend. It was quite the experience and I’ll have a recap for it soon. That made last week a little wonky, and the next two weeks are going to bring weird training schedules. Thankfully, I’m feeling good after the relay and ready to take on these next challenging weeks.


Monday: 3 miles on the treadmill, easy effort. These miles felt good and were relaxing during my lunch break! Followed this with about 45 minutes of strength training.

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 1.27.40 PM.png

Tuesday: 5 mile pace run. This went so much better than my first one! I ran with 90:30 intervals due to mega humidity, and I was happy to finish with a 10:35 average pace.

Wednesday: 3 miles easy, downtown. After pushing myself pretty hard on Tuesday, I figured it was smart to go easy rather than go all-out at November Project. Little did I know, it was a very good idea indeed!

Thursday: Rest day! I had the intention to do cross training, BUT on Wednesday night I got involved with a Ragnar team. I spent the morning getting ready, then left for packet pick-up early as to beat traffic.

Friday: 8.8 miles for my first Ragnar DC leg. This was on the stunning C&O canal trail in western MD. It was generally flat and shaded, but it was HOT.

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 1.27.55 PM.png

Saturday: 6.0 miles for leg 2 and 1.8 miles for leg 3! I’ll share more in my recap, but I finished feeling strong and wanting more!

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 1.28.05 PM

Sunday: Rest day-ish. There was no running or working-out, but I did stand/dance at a concert for about 7 hours. My legs and back were hurting by the time I got home!

Weekly total: 27.6 miles. I ended up about 2 miles short for the weekend when compared to my training plan. I’m not mad about it though – I got in hard, quality miles and had the experience of a lifetime!

I hope you all had a great week of running. Did anyone have a race?

Goofy Challenge Training Week 2: 9/11 – 9/18/17

Happy Saturday everyone (well, Sunday, really). I have a weekend to myself, and with my long run being done this morning, I’ve already been reflecting on my week!

This week was weird for me because it was much lower mileage-wise than I have been running in a long time. My training plan has “down” weeks every other week, as opposed to every fourth weekend. So for right now that means one 7-9 mile run on the weekend, aside from a short run and a longer run. This will be nice when I’m up to doing 7+17 in a weekend, but for now I’m “bored” by the short weekend mileage, and even the mileage during the week.

Monday: 3 miles super easy. After last weekend’s long run fiasco (and actually being sore?!) I took it real slow and easy. And guess what? It felt great!

Tuesday: 5 miles at Planet Fitness. I simply could.not. get out of bed in the morning but thankfully I just joined the gym near work so I put my membership to use!

Wednesday: 4 miles during 2 workouts at November Project. It was one of my favorite workouts, with about half cardio and half strength. My legs and arms were sore the next day!

Thursday10 minutes on the elliptical as a warm up, then about 45 minutes of weights and strength work (arms and core).

Friday: Rest. I planned to cross train or do a few easy miles, but I came down with a cold and spent most of the day sleeping!

Saturday: 9 miles of hills! My plan called for only 7, but I wanted more, so I added a couple of miles and headed to a hilly area. I felt the completely opposite of last weekend.

Sunday: Rest day

Weekly miles: 21. Not sure how much I’m going to like the drastic changes from week to week. We’ll see how it goes, and the off weeks may add more miles to be closer to the “on” weeks.


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Charles St 12 Miler 2017: Race Recap

Okay I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing about the Charles Street 12 miler by now. But all the oversharing is worth it because the race itself was (almost) just as good as the first time I ran, and I did better as well! Here’s my last talk of it for a while.

Friday: On Friday afternoon I went to the local Charm City Run store to get my packet. It was quick and easy. My favorite shorts (the only shorts I wear) were on sale, and I needed new inserts and more GU. I left much poorer but with some “running necessities”. This includes the Marshmellow and Smore’s flavored GU that I’d been searching for, for forever!

I got to Jake’s before he got home, so I hit up happy hour for a couple of brews to relax a bit. We had a nice dinner in of pasta with homemade sauce and meatballs, and watched some movies. By 11:30 I was ready for the morning and out like a light!

Pardon Jake’s horribly messy room…I’m working on it/him.

Pre-race: It was raining as I woke up, which was expected. I got ready, and while I waited for Beth to pick me up I cracked open a red bull. They’re so bad for you but SO GOOD. The busses/finish line was just a mile from Jake’s, but it was nice not to walk in the rain. I also had a Lenny and Larry’s Complete Cookie, and on the bus I had my UCan. Before we knew it, our bus had arrived in Towson!

Porta-john lines were short, thankfully! The rain was still coming down and we waited the rest of the pre-race time inside. When we came out to line up the rain had stopped!!! Beth and I lined up around the 2:10 pacers. I didn’t stretch well, and I’m not sure why. Realistically, the hardest decision was what to do with our rain coats! I put mine around my waist, because I expected it to rain again.

Miles 1-6: Beth and I ran together with 90:30 intervals, keeping it easier through the hills. Making sure she stayed with me was great to keep me from going out too fast. Unlike in 2014, the big hills in the first 4 miles passed with little issues. As it always is with run/walk intervals, it was so hard getting passed by seemingly everyone during these miles. But, I knew if I stuck to my plan, I’d pass them later. While our effort was even, our splits weren’t, due to the elevation changes and intervals (when you hit a mile on a walk break = THE WORST). Splits: 11:02, 1o:26, 11:12, 10:33, 10:22, 11:05.

Miles 7-9: After mile 6 I upped the intervals to 120:30, as planned. I was feeling great. I wasn’t struggling with the extra running time on the rolling hills and my run pace started to speed up. I also have to mention the amazing Toasted Marshmellow GU I had – it seriously was the best. I did eventually lose Beth around mile 8.5, as I apologized for getting in the zone and not really being able to slow back down! Splits: 9:51, :38, :52

Miles 10-12: At mile 10 I finally caught the 2:10 pacer, and yelled “gotta catch the 2:05!” It kept me going. It felt so good to be running strong, and passing the people who passed me during my walk intervals earlier. For the last mile and a half, the course flattens. After a lot of downhills in miles 7-10, it honestly felt like I was climbing a mountain to keep my speed up. While I never started to hurt, I was definitely starting to have to push a little extra. At mile 11.5 I passed the 2:05 group, and while I knew I wouldn’t catch the 2:00 group (I was at like, 1:54) I set my sights on it to keep going strong. I tried to nix the walk breaks in the last mile, but kept them to keep my run speed up. Before I knew it, I was chasing the finish with a great kick (.06 with 7:59 pace) and I was done! Splits: 9:28, :51, :39, 0:29 (.06 nubbin)

I might have to buy this, it’s fantastic! Photo cred: Chessie Photo. I’ll likely buy (They always take good ones of me!)

Final time: 2:03:32 (10:14 avg)

Post race: This is where I had the only issues with this race, and also where there were the most changes since I ran in 2014. The race ended at the Under Armour World Headquarters, which was awesome. I loved that we got a meal from the food truck as a refreshment, however, that’s all there was for food. And the lines were ridiculous. Ridiculous as in I waited in line half an hour for a small funnel cake and a piece of bacon, because that was the shortest line. There were no bananas/oranges/pretzels/simple foods for finishers right after the race. I’m thankful it was a cool day, because if it was hot and I had to wait that long for food, I would have been at risk of passing out without any nutrition. The beer line was long, but it went quickly, and the selection was local and fantastic. So really the worst part was the food, but that needs to be fixed!

Rain-wise, it thankfully held off for ALL of the race! It downpoured as I got my food and we sprinted back to the car. It poured for a while then cleared up in time for me to go to the Towson football tailgate (and game).

Photo cred: Kanji Takeno

Takeaways: I’m so proud of myself for getting the revenge on this race that I wanted needed. I had a great summer of training and put a lot of work into my speed, and it paid off. (I also think the unintentional taper helped) My one regret was starting out so slowly. My interval plan was great, but I could have started picking up my run pace sooner. I still had a lot left in the tank at the end, and felt like I could have kept going at the pace I was running for at least two more miles.


Will I run this race again? Definitely. I don’t love that it’s on Labor Day weekend, but it makes for potentially more mild weather than when it was in Early August. The course is moderately challenging and runs through beautiful areas of Baltimore (and my alma matter!). This year I ran the race as part of the B3 challenge. I won’t be doing the challenge again next year, as the 5K is on a Sunday (work) and the premium isn’t very unique, compared to this year’s amazing sweater. I am planning on this race for next year though!

Charles St. 12 and Baltimore B3 medals